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September 2017
We represent what you embody. The power of willpower, determination, admiration, and believing when in doubt. To succeed in measures that can't be defined by talking , but by doing.

To inspire the uninspired and fight pain which isn't long lasting with pure fire. Building and constructing a core that goes beyond physicality. A way of living and a lifestyle and creating an identity that shows self perseverance that can be made to withstand for eternity.

Our objective is to use your story as proof that success has no size, height , or weight. The motive is to establish the battles you have and will overcome. Under Construction Fitness Apparels mission is to live your journey. And with that , our logo and brand shows that no matter the amount of reps or sets can stop you from being elite.
Welcome to Under Construction Fitness Apparel Monthly News letter!!!
We're excited to bring you up to date information about our growth, the stories shared through customers on their journey to fitness, upcoming sales, promotions and so much more. Being "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" is so much more than just your daily work out regime or meal prep. Our idea is to expand a family of people on different paths to the same end goal, which is to become a better "you".
With some of our recent additions to our company we are excited to announce that we have created a partnership with Spreadshirt to help create our vision on our latest clothing and fitness apparel. They are home to large vast amount of businesses and great fashion innovative. Spreadshirt gives us the ability to create our most simplest shirts to head out to the store in or get your ready for that vigorous Monday at the gym to kick off your week right.
As we strive to add the best customer service we can for our products, we also want to hear from you and your experience while building a better you! There will be more things to come as our fall catalog nears to prepare for the brisk weather. Be on the lookout for upcoming limited offers and newly added everyday wear!


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